About the Books

Award-winning author Clint Goodwin writes books to reconcile post-war challenges.  As a result, he has written two of a seven-book series promoting American history through the eyes of a cavalry horse. His books are written for those who value historic-fictions, equestrian living, patriotic service, and story lines free of inappropriate and distracting language.

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: U.S. Civil War Horse Perspective 1861-1865 is the first book that brings to life the saga of Lucky. This novel delivers a coming-of-age story where the protagonist (a courageous Confederate black stallion) embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery. Experiencing the harsh realities of life will take the character from innocence to experience, a veteran of war. His future generations will fight for the United States of America on the deserts and high plains of the West, to the muddy rice paddies and hills of Vietnam. It is a creative and entertaining approach to learning American History.

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Comanche’s Wars was crafted to highlight the struggles between American progress and peace after the U.S. Civil War ends.  Comanche’s Wars is a story about a protagonist, Stonewall, a black stallion from Virginia embarking on a journey of self-discovery during America’s aggressive push to the West. Stonewall’s journey will parallel that of a nation’s story that embraces the tribulations and triumphs on battlefields across the Southern Plains. The book’s key characters triumph over adversity men and women experienced fighting for their land, cultures, traditions, and ways of life.

The author understands the tenacious dynamics of war; he fought alongside very brave men and women during Operation Iraqi Freedom. These post-war projects give him opportunities to safely express unwanted feelings through the eyes of a horse. Writing is truly healing.